How it works

  • Data Driven
    At the heart of our content approach is a deep seated capability to use data to both develop rich audiences and inform the content strategy.
  • Creativity
    With a detailed, written content and editorial strategy, we execute all creative assets required including those needed for ongoing optimization through testing.
  • Partners
    Within our network, we have best-of-breed partners in the likes of , B2B Global Networks and B2C Global Networkswho can execute any content and creative needs that complement the core strategy.

  • Targeting

    Our data detectives track down where your audience will be, and where they’re likely to act (it’s not always where you’d think) and ensure the relevant content is positioned in the right place at the right time.

  • Optimization
    We constantly evaluate the effectiveness of the content, matched to your audiences and your objectives, to build on success and deliver more engaged consumers.
  • Accountability
    We go beyond simply reporting numbers. We employ advanced attribution modeling to make sure your investment in content is fairly and critically assessed on its incremental value throughout the consumer journey.