FY2022-2023 EO Board of Directors

The leadership on the EO Global Board is comprised of 10 member directors, serving three terms; the Chair, serving a one-year term; and the organization’s CEO who also serves as an ex-officio director. When newly appointed member directors are chosen, their selections must be ratified by a vote of the full EO membership. The Board Chair is also selected annually by the Global Board and ratified by the membership.

ach member of our team is a specialist in his or her field.Together, we make sure you’re investing where the best returns are, while building loyalty across every touchpoint.

Across the globe, we make digital marketing human by bringing everything together – creating the connections brands need to stay ahead, and giving businesses a tangible advantage in today’s world.

Marketing has changed. As digital extends into all areas of our lives, every tweet, every status update and video has become a potential customer touchpoint.

B2B Global Networks provides expert business consultancy services which drive business growth and increased effectiveness.

We provide high-quality cost-effective support, helping our clients to think differently, identify and tackle barriers and to focus on the right things at the right time to achieve growth.

If you are looking for help from a dynamic, highly-experienced team of business consultants with the ability to interpret what’s best for your business – then talk to us!

Benefits of using B2B Global Networks

  • You will benefit from our tremendous business knowledge, vision, and experience – which our business consultants directly tailor to your organisation. They use comprehensive blueprints and diagnostic tools and have an extensive knowledge base to support this.
  • We provide expert, independent services – bringing leadership, vision & focus.
  • We are totally focused on making your business more successful.
    We have a friendly, professional partnered approach – building strong relationships with our clients.
  • We have a current customer satisfaction rate of 97% (clients very satisfied and satisfied with our work).
  • New clients, social enterprises and charities receive significantly discounted rates.

We provide comprehensive, expert business growth services – directly tailored to each client’s often unique trading circumstances.

Marc Stöckli
Marc StöckliChair, EO Board of Directors, EO Zürich
Member since: 2008
Lynn Anstett
Lynn AnstettChair-Elect, EO Board of Directors, EO Cincinnati
Member since: 2012
Ajay Agarwal
Ajay AgarwalDirector, EO Chennai
Member since: 2000
Hugo Salinas-Gonzalez
Hugo Salinas-GonzalezDirector, EO Monterrey
Member since: 2005
Sharan Valiram
Sharan ValiramDirector, EO Malaysia
Member since: 2001
Richard Waller
Richard WallerDirector, EO Calgary
Member since: 2008
Chang Ng
Chang NgDirector, EO Netherlands
Member since: 2012
David Nilssen
David NilssenDirector, EO Seattle
Member since: 2009
Julie Vergara
Julie VergaraDirector, EO Philippines South
Member since: 2001
Jamie Pujara
Jamie PujaraDirector, EO Kenya
Member since: 2015
Deborah Rainey
Deborah RaineyInterim Chief Executive, Ex-Officio Director
Member since: 2023

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