The consumer journey is not linear or tied to a specific channel, but there is always a beginning and an end. We help brands connect the dots by leveraging the data they are already collecting to drive more efficient omni-channel conversions.
Our data-led content delivery system serves personalized results that customers welcome and appreciate. We have the unique ability to replicate and deliver campaigns that drive sales on a continual, consistent basis at scale – resulting in measurably stronger performance.
The PW Consulting Group has conversion optimization expertise and industry-changing, proprietary marketing technology. This acquisition makes the work we do even more accountable and actionable.
We know that continually improving efficiency, effectiveness and personalization is paramount for our clients.

How it works

  • Connected Data
    Progress from fragmented data to a fully integrated consumer journey that unlocks embedded marketing intelligence –always optimized within the realities of your current systems and marketing technology constraints.
  • Measurement
    We ask your target audience what they think and track every interaction, establishing a clear picture of where the opportunities are.
  • Testing
    Machine learning, A/B and multivariate testing combined with UX and data-inspired design leaves nothing to chance.