B2B Global Networks is a digital marketing company. We work with over 150 High St brands and provide you with personalised marketing content from these brands via email and social. Our aim is to provide you with offers and content that we believe may be relevant to you. To see a list of types of brands we work with, CLICK HERE

B2B Global Networks Marketing online contains some great advantages – you can analyse, track and test responses online – all at a fraction of the cost of direct mailing. You may think this is a great idea but you just don’t have the time to regularly send out e-newsletters. So why not let us design an e-template for you and we can manage the whole project?

More benefits

  • They remind people your business exists and they reinforce your brand. When people need the services your company offers, they are more likely to remember you.
  • E-newsletters can promote products, special offers and events and keep customers and clients up to date with news.
  • They give you the company a personal touch, and show you are committed to keeping your marketing message up to date.
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