Partnerships and strategic alliances

Members of EO develop and grow through meaningful relationships based on trust and respect. We expand that growth and share it with partners by aligning with world-class organizations that share similar values.

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How We Engage with Our Partners
Regional and Global Partners: Companies that provide significant value to EO member through sponsorship support or in-kind value such as discounts, upgrades and special access.

External Relationships: Organizations, such as non-profits or NGOs, that align with EO’s purpose and values.

Chapter Partners: Companies that engage EO members on a local level, providing value through sponsorship support or in-kind value.

Event Partners: Companies or organizations that provide sponsorship support to EO in return for branding and business-development opportunities.

Conference Partnerships: Conference organizations that EO partners with as sponsor at external events.

Collaborations: Organizations, such as non-profits or NGOs, that engage collaboratively with EO on specific projects or initiatives.

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